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8 Powers of Soul

8 Powers of Soul ~ through Raja Yoga


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We now have realised the Self as an eternal being who lives in the body and performs actions, and enjoys its results. Now understand further, the fundamental ingredients of Soul i.e. What are Spiritual powers present in the Soul through which we maintain to perform the journey of our life. They are: Power to Accommodate, Power of Tolerate, Power to pack up, Power to Face, Power to Discriminate, Power to Judge, Power to Co-operate & Power to Withdraw.

Power to Accommodate

Power to accommodate - 8 powers

The power to accommodate is the ability to expand and accept the presence, ideas and desires of others.

As water accommodates according to the shape of container and river accommodate as the shape of the path, it teaches us to fit in all situation and yet remain original (pure). It teaches us to mix and adjust with others in all situations of life. It needs the Virtue of Acceptance for everyone as they are. We all are perfect.

Power to Tolerate

Power to Tolerate - 8 powers

The power to tolerate is the ability to respond to external and internal events positively, yet not be affected by them.

Power of tolerating everything. This is one of the most special and useful powers of soul and using this power, we can live a happy life free from conflicts in relationships. To tolerate means, to remain in peace with any situation we face. There is a positive way to think about it. Tolerate doesn’t mean just not to speak or react. It means, to respond in the right manner such that we should not give any pain or hurt the other person. Sometimes remaining quit also helps.

Power to Face

Power to Face - 8 powers of Soul

The power to face is the ability to confront and resolve external and internal obstacles, tests and challenges.

Now this a power to face everything. This is one step further from Power to tolerate. On one hand we can tolerate the wrong and on other hand we convey the truth that we hold, but in a peaceful way. Also is power to face challenges in life. Be brave and cross the difficulties. This power only comes when there is ‘truth’ in our words and actions.

Power to Pack Up

Power to Pack Up - Raja Yoga 8 powers

The power to pack up is the ability to bring things to an end and to stop wasteful thinking.

Directly related to detachment, power to resign, pack up and move ahead in life. This power requires power to withdraw. We hold ourselves back for comfort of our heart. We want to live the life the same everyday. But change is the law of nature. We must have this power to gather all things that we possess and move ahead.

Power to Discriminate

Power to Discriminate - Raja Yoga 8 powers

The power to discriminate is the ability to discern the subtle, and separate what is true from what is false.

What is right and What is wrong? This is the most basic question with come across while taking a decision whether small or big. When we discriminate between them, only then we can make a decision. Even with 2 right ways, it needs to decide the best way. This is deep reflection of our human birth (we can decide and shape our life)

Power to Judge

Power to Judge - Raja Yoga 8 powers -BK

The power of judgment is the ability to assess the quality of choices, decisions and actions in yourself and in others.

Become your own judge. What good and bad have a done today? When we judge our self, it is an opportunity to change. When we practice this, we are actually shaping our intellect. We tell the mind and senses what it right to do. We also must announce a punishment for a bad action performed. That should be beneficial for us and we can change it next time.

Power to Co operate

Power to Co-operate - 8 powers of Soul - BK

The power to co-operate is the ability to give attention, time, experience and wisdom in the service of others and to work alongside them.

When we are in a group working for a purpose, we need both power to accommodate and to Co Operate. In this Godly mission also, we all cooperate towards bringing the new world of happiness. Everyone have a purpose to live and they are just doing their part in this world drama. Become egoless, remain humble and only then you will adjust and cooperate with everyone.

Power to Withdraw

Power to Withdraw or Detachment - Raja Yoga 8 powers

The power to withdraw is the ability to step back and disengage from the world around you.

Detachment means awareness that I am separate from the body, role and responsibility. We then see things in the right perspective, take accurate decisions and not suffer pain. Let us be aware – I the soul am playing the role of a parent, spouse and professional. Whatever may be the role, the personality of I the actor, a personality of peace, love, wisdom, should reflect in every role. I am a soul, and I am interacting with other souls playing different roles.


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