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World of Peace

Global Peace, Golden Age and significance of Peace in Life


Every human being asks God for Peace in life. Life is beautiful when there is peace and harmony in world. Peace is certainly a feeling. Peace is our natural state. One experiences a deep connection with the nature and entire creation, when is in inner peace. But where is this peace, or where is the source? Isn’t this an inner original nature?

We asked God for peace thinking him only a source of peace to the world. We also understand now that we are his children (read: Soul, God). So peace is our true nature. We become peace-less in situations as we forgot our true Spiritual identity, our connection with the Supreme and connection with mother nature.

Here are videos and links that shall convince you about this task of God to re-establish the religion of Peace and Purity in world. This all is being done by him through us. Share videos or this page to benefit our brothers.

Golden age – A World of Peace

”Change is the only constant” There is a world of peace, harmony and thus happiness, remembered by us as the Heaven. This is actually the Golden Age (new world) when everything of this world was ‘new’ or just made. This is when world cycle starts. All Souls are ‘Satopradhan’ (pure and perfect) In the Golden Age, population of world was very less (world starts at 900,000 population and grows upto 330 million souls by the end of Silver age (half the cycle). There are 2 phases of life every soul experiences i.e. Happiness and Sorrow. When there come sorrow, whom do we remember? God. So it is must that he gave us the happiness. It is now known that there is 3/4 part of our journey in happiness (sukh) and only 1/4 part is we experience sorrow, that too only as the result of our bad karma.

The world of happiness (heaven) is a place of dreams. God-Father creates such a perfect world where is no trace of sorrow, where everyday is a festival, nature is perfect and peace giving, we human souls are pure, loving, blissful and powerful fully filed with all divine virtues. So let’s carefully listen the revelations of the coming New world (play audio on right) Source: Avyakt Murli

Global Peace through Meditation

Satyug – World video

Let there be Peace in world

Peace in Mind and world (eBook)

Revelations on the coming new world, the Golden age. Source: Murli

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