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3 Worlds

3 Worlds ( corporeal, subtle, incorporeal)


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How many world exist? How many dimensions of World ? All we know and is in reach of our physical senses, is just this Earthly world. So we can conclude that this Earth must exist. Because everything here is physical (in the sense of feeling with a touch or smell), we say it the Corporeal world (sakaar duniya). In this corporeal world only, the world drama is played within the 5000 years cycle. This is the ‘’real’’ world.

Now there is another world, a world of thoughts. In this world, there is no sound nor any material objects. It is completely flexible world upon thoughts. This world like as our mind, created and shaped by our own thoughts. We call it the subtle world. Made and shaped with colours of our thoughts, this world is of angels (as we say them). Here human bodies is made of light of different colors representing the nature of soul whose body it is. The real world (corporeal) is replicated. There is no earthly object, but there are Human souls with a subtle body (made of light). The more virtues a soul has, the more colorful the body it has in subtle world. More powerful and knowledgeful the soul is, the more luminous is its glow. This is a world of complete freedom.

The third world lies beyond which is the permanent residence of GODthe supreme soul. In Soul world, as the name suggests, only the tiny points of light (souls) lives. This is the highest dimensions. Here no life, no moments, no feelings exist. It is just you, God the supreme soul and eternal sweet silence.. thinking about it is also a kind of purification of soul. Surely there is no bodily experience here. It has many names: Silence home, Sweet home, Home of light, Paramdham (supreme residence), Shanti dham, Nirwaan dham (place beyond sound).

To know in detail about the Incorporeal World (Home of eternal Peace and Light), Visit Here

3 worlds (paramdham) - Brahma Kumaris

3 worlds { Physical (corporeal), Subtle (world of thoughts) and the Incorporeal (Soul world) }

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3 worlds (lok) - Brahma Kumaris

Pictures showing 3 worlds (3D corporeal , 2D subtle world like a movie screen and zero D world of Soul)

Soul world 3 worlds - Brahma Kumaris
Paramdham - 3 worlds - Brahma Kumaris

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