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4 subjects

The four subjects of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University

7 days course

History of BK

Following are the four main subjects that we Godly students (BK – brahma kumar and brahma kumari) study through the nectar of Murli.


1. Gyaan (Knowledge)

Rajyoga meditation Yog - BapDada

Happiness is related to our wisdom (deep reflection of knowledge). Knowledge means ‘understanding’. Knowledge is given to a child so that he understand the difference between right and wrong, and choose the right aspect. Otherwise said, it is the light which guides us to the path of life and liberation. God only awakens all souls by giving us the true knowledge which was covered by ignorance. He is incorporeal and gives speaks this knowledge of Murli through mouth of Brahma baba. We are children of ocean of knowledge (God), but our self awakening is hidden and covered by 5 vices (lust,anger,greed,ego,attachment) and hence we call him for liberation. So how can the knowledge of the soul be uncovered? Source: What is Murli

2. Raja Yog (meditation on God)

Wisdom or knowledge of soul is only uncovered when the all vices are removed. RajYog or Raja Yoga is the supreme knowledge delivered to us by God himself -a direct connection and relationship with the Supreme being, through which we souls can become pure (original) and by which we attain liberation in life (Jeevan mukti). In Raja Yog, we meditate upon the form of God, which is a point of light and might. We also consider our-self as a point of light, just as our father (god). This is an intellectual connection and hence is a matter of experience, not seeing. We clearly sense the love and powers coming into us. Raja Yoga basically awakens our 8 powers

. Our this subject of Yoga (Yog) is most incognito i.e. no one can know if you are in meditation. We can see someone studying Murli, but not the remembrance.

bk raja yoga meditation

3. Dharna (being an embodiment of Knowledge)

‘Practice makes us Perfect.’ This is a subject which is visible to all. It is practical adoption of knowledge. For example, we have knowledge that we are a Soul, but Dharna means to become an embodiment of Soul consciousness. In such a stage, the original virtues of peace, purity, love, royalty, bliss and powers are visible in all our Karma (actions). This is practical life lived with the Godly knowledge. It is the ability to which one grasps and inherits some information. Here we grasp the points from murli and inherits its wisdom. It is known that just as the sun shines everywhere equally, god gives everyone equally. But we receive it according to our own capacity to inherit. Through this knowledge we are becoming as Lakshmi and Narayan. This is Dharna of virtues within us. There are 7 main virtues.

brahma kumaris rajyoga meditation

4. World Service

brahma kumaris services

When one is awakened, he lifts others just as a candle. So are we fortunate souls who received the knowledge through the supreme father are now serving the nectar of supreme knowledge to the whole world. Baba said: ‘If you are awakened and are receiving your inheritance from me, it is also your duty to awaken your brothers and make their fortune.’

Day by day this knowledge is getting clearer. So many those who initial doubted are coming back. BKs gets the directions for services from the Murli that we daily study. ”This subject of service is beneficial for both Self and the World” – Avyakt BaapDada. One who keeps his mind and intellect busy in serving others, will also stay away and unaffected from all worldly matters. God has taught us how to live.! It is best life which is lived for welfare and upliftment of the whole world. There requires virtues of love and detachment for being a noble world servant. Visit our Online Services page.

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GOD’s message to all

In this time of great confluence (meeting of souls with the supreme soul), I have come again to defeat the kingdom of vices and establish the new world (heaven). For this, I give knowledge and teach you RajYog through which you shall attain Self sovereignty and become a master of your senses, mind and intellect. I give you power when you remember me. So dear child, forget this old impure world, as I am making the new world of peace and happiness for you, where all full with virtues and are aware of the self as a soul. There is law followed by all in everything. The world is perfect.!

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