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Murli songs

Sakar Murli songs(मुरली के गीत)

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Murli Today


A collection of Sakar murli songs (Murli ke Geet) to download in mp3 or listen online. Old original recorded songs (most songs are taken from films and some from devotional albums, and Baba use to explain the true meaning of those songs during Murli). Enjoy the magic of these songs as you you understand its true meaning. Listen daily before you listen or read the Murli. Many of these songs will match with Murli songs. Do SHARE to other BK brothers/sister you know.

यह साकार मुरली के गीत है, जो बाबा की मुरली के पहले बजते थे और है l यह गीत सुनकर शिव बाबा को याद करे और फिर रोज की ज्ञान मुरली सुने l

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