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(a complete collection of what one need to walk in path of spirituality as shown by God)

Resources section includes playlists of Brahma Kumaris Classes (by Dadis, bk shivani, suraj bhai) + Sakar Murli original records, Mamma ki Murli records, Avyakt Murli record, Aaj Ka Purusharth, BK songs, Raja Yoga music & commentaries (Hindi & English), Soul talk episodes and Relaxing sounds of Nature. In addition are: PDF Books, Audio Books, Articles, Sakaar Murli pdf, Shrimat Gita chapters in Hindi and English & Video Gallery. Now includes Tamil and Telugu section. Please SHARE this page to guide others.

Brahma Kumaris Classes Lectures

Classes from Dadis, elder BKs – Suraj bhai, bk shivani, bk jayanti, bk usha, bk jagdish, etc..

Sakar BapDada Murli class in Madhuban

Original versions spoken by God, through mouth of Brahma – Shiv baba murli – Sakar BapDada Murli

Mateshwari Saraswati Jagadamba Mamma

Murli spoken by Mamma Saraswati during services across India. Invaluable words of knowledge..

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RajYoga meditation - Brahma Kumaris

Raja Yoga meditation music and guided commentaries in Hindi and English for all. Joy and connect.

Soul talk logo.jpg

Soul talk episodes – a personal service by website admin to explain the Gyaan in a simple and accurate way to all.

Relaxing Nature

Calming and Relaxing sounds of Nature – Best collection to experience instant Peace of mind. Connect to mother nature.

Brahma Kumaris books pdf

Brahma Kumaris e-Books pdf versions to view or print for free ->

Audio Books

General Articles

More Resources ->

Avyakt BapDada Murli

Aaj Ka Purusharth

Awakening Episodes

Sakar Murli Old pdf

BK songs playlist

Videos Gallery

Sakar Murli songs

Tamil & Telugu section

Shrimat Geeta chapters

Sakar Murli English (new)

Thought for Today PDF

PMTV Purusharth

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