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Maha Shivratri

Maha Shivratri

(Shiv Avtaran, incarnation of God)

About GOD


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Spiritual Significance

Maha means ‘Great’, ratri means ‘night’ and jayanti means ‘born date’. The word “Shiva” literally means benefactor of all. “Shivaratri” implies that Incorporeal God Shiva incarnates into the corporeal world at such a time of human history, when the night of utter darkness prevails. The word “ratri” here does not connote the darkness that falls after sunset, but it signifies the darkness of extreme ignorance and unrighteousness in the world.

Shiv-ratri or Shiv Jayanti is celebrated in Bharat (India) since the copper age.

Ratri is associated with Shiv because he comes in night of total ignorance. When the world was in night, when souls became impure under the influence of 5 vices, when the true religion of purity and peace and the spiritual self-identity was forgotten. In such time only, god came to awaken us, to re-establish the Dharma (religion) of peace in world and to uplift the whole humanity. (This is remembered in Shrimat Gita in sloka: Yada Yada hi Dharmasya…)

It is also the best occasion to understand the spiritual significance associated with MahaShivratri. Shivling symbolizes the light form of God Shiva. God is not a human being, not does he have any bodily form. God Shiva is a divine point of subtle, sainted, self-effulgent light. Light is symbolized by an oval shape. This is why he is depicted as jyotirlinga,“The symbol of light”. He is the truth, the benefactor and the most beautiful one is therefore known as satyam-shivam-sundaram. He is also sat-chhitt-anand swaroop.

The word “Trimurti Shiva Jayanti” signifies that Shiva, the Incorporeal Supreme Father, is the Creator of the subtle deities – Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar – through whom God carries out His three Supreme Acts of Creation, Sustenance and Destruction, respectively. Since we are celebrating the “Trimurti Shiva Jayanti”, we know that Incorporeal God Shiva descended to the corporeal world in 1937, and with His incarnation, He created “Tridevas”: Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar simultaneously. What a wonder, the Creator and His creation are born together! These dieties are infact a subtle form and not physical form (human being)

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After 100 years of Shiv Jayanti, the new world begins. God father is the creator of heaven. It takes 100 years to transform the whole world and humanity. This is the greatest task of all. If we consider all major parts played by human souls, like Ibrahim, Buddha, Christ, etc., they all are messengers of God, they all established their own religions and gave their perspective towards God and taught the art of living. Many great people changed the history. Some through the message of peace, some through their wisdom, and some through war. But only to some extent. The religions still exist, but also sorrow exist as the world kept falling down (spiritually speaking). No one could uplift the world, even with their greatest tries.

Because this is not a task of a human being. This is a task of the supreme being, whom all religions, the world world prays. All shows the different paths towards the God. It is to understand that we all pray to God for help, thus it is must that we all have experienced his help many times before. We ask him for happiness and peace, thus he must be the source and giver of peace. So when did the supreme father come and gave us his inheritance, and done all this, so much that the humans still remember him, worship and pray to him? Come and know through these given videos.

God Shiva is trimurti. He creates the new world order of golden age through Brahma. He sustains that world through Vishnu and gets destroyed the old world of Iron Age which is filled with irreligiousness and unrighteousness through Shankar. In the context of MahaShivratri, the night denotes ignorance, the absence of the light of knowledge, it is the darkness due to the existence of all pervading five vices lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. It is a night of extreme irreligiousness. Today peacelessness, unrighteousness suffering wrong and simple acts have become the order of the day, but for how long can this be continued? Who will provide us lasting happiness and true peace? It therefore requires God Shiva himself to descend into this world which is passing through the period of extreme night of ignorance to reestablish a world of religion and values.

Infact he has already descended on earth in an ordinary corporeal media of Prajapita Brahma (first human) to re-create a new world of peace, happiness and prosperity. This is a divine message of sacred festival of MahaShivratri. By remembering God Shiva with love one can get absolve of all sins. Keeping awake all through the night signifies that we should be alert in our actions, especially in present time when in world there is a night of ignorance. Let us not be under influence of maya (5 vices) and invite misery and suffering due to our own bad actions. Let only good action take place through us.

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