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Brahma Kumaris Assistant – All in One‘ is a free Mobile App created for Android for ALL services!! Daily Murli htm text and mp3 audios in Hindi, English, Tamil, etc., daily Purusharth chart and Audio, daily Thought for today and more updates. Resources includes: Classes, RajYoga music, commentaries, Sakar and Avyakt Murli records, BK songs and 7 days Raja Yoga course. In short, everything is included.

Brahma Kumaris app - BK Assistant

App 1:Brahma Kumaris Assistant – All in One’

1. Main Page – Everything – Latest published (daily murli htm to read and mp3 to listen, in Hindi and English, Chart for Purusharth, Dharna points from Murli, thought for today, etc..)

2. Resources – This section includes everything rest – RajYoga bliss music, relaxing music, BK songs, Classes, Sakar and Avyakt Murli audios and 7 days Raja Yoga course. Takes you to the inner world of eternal peace and joy when you listen this music collection or songs. Learn the Godly knowledge of creation and the creator in RajYoga course. Classes from elders, listen Sakar Murli to feel the love of God and listen Avyakt murli for an instant Spiritual upliftment !

3. Downloads – Here stays everything that you have downloaded i.e. audios, videos and pdf. You can listen and watch this resources anytime without internet connection. Happy.?

4. Daily Murli – Daily Murli htm and mp3 in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Nepali

5. Centres – You can search for centres accross the world and ‘Add’ it to a list to track centres.

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App 2: Brahma Kumaris songs – Shiv Baba’s One App

App Video

You can listen songs and other Audio (daily murli, classes in Hindi & English, Rajyoga and Relaxing music, etc,) while phone is locked and even while using other Apps 🙂 We present you an All in One App for Android phones: ”BK Divine Songs – Shiv Baba’s One App” (Ruhani Paalna) eith Videos, Online Store, Images section and social (connect) section. MUST use once & SHARE to other BK brothers and sisters.

BK songs app - Brahma Kumaris

1. Ruhani Geet -> Includes a well defined playlist of more than 120 best of spiritual divine songs written and sung since Sakaar days 1960s.

2. Playlists –> This section has ‘Everything’ that you we love: Classes in Hindi & English, Awakening episodes, bk shivani, bk suraj, Sakar & Avyakt Murli records, RajYog music, commentaries and more..

3. Videos -> This section has 2 YouTube playlists of Songs/Geet if you wish to experience the beautiful pictures while listening.

4. Website pages -> Images of Satyug, Old Yagya pictures, Nature, madhuban and General.

5. PDF books in Hindi & English – View in App. Free eBooks in Hindi and English on topics.

6. Contact Us -> This section has a Contact form where you fill Your Name, Email, choose a subject and write Your Message and ”send” it to us. We usually response within 24 hours.

7. Other Apps -> same as BK official app

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App 3: BK Murli today, Dharna, Purusharth

Listen and Read Daily Gyan Murli on this App.. Also listen Aaj Ka Purusharth by BK Suraj bhai and Aaj ki Murli se Dharna commentary to exercise the main points from Murli.

This all comes from single App. Must download this app for Purusharth. You will give a notification when Murli is posted in App.

Brahma Kumaris app - Search the divine
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App 4: BK Google – Search the Divine

BK Divine Search – ‘An app like never before’. In here, you can access Brahma Kumaris websitesby searching your need. Just like ‘Gooogle’ search. Here you can search anything from main BK websites. Eg. information, audio and video resources, online services, daily murli, books, articles, posts and more.

Made for our beloved Brahma Kumar and Kumaris upon directions and blessing by most beloved Shiv baba.

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