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Revelations – Life and Beyond


Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly University presents ‘GOD’s Revelations’ from Gyaan Murli on various mysteries of the universe, on world drama, predictions, Shiv Jayanti, Satyug (golden age/the new world), on Shrimat, the Advance Party and on religions of world. The full stop.

On the coming New World

About Brahma Kumaris

End of world or a Transformation?

Revelations on Golden Age

When will Shri Krishna take birth?

Women Leaders

Celibacy – a way of Life

Accurate Year wise History

Ideas for World Service (Kingdom)

Blog Posts on Topics:


Yogi Diet – Health Guide

Birth of the Unborn (God Shiv)

God of Geeta is incorporeal Shiv, not Krishna

Revelations on God Shiv and Gita

God’s Incarnation and his Medium

Near Death Experiences (NDE)

All Articles – New & Old

Articles – Category wise

Why is Shiv Jayanti celebrated ?

What is Murli ?

Advance Party Secrets

Clarifications on Murli

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

On World Drama

What is World Drama ?

4 Ages we observe

Jesus Christ

Guatam Buddha

Book on World Drama (English)

Book on DRAMA (Hindi)

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