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Brahma Kumaris Murli - BapDada

Madhur Gyaan Murli (sweet Murli of knowledge) can be listened online, read/listen in Hindi & English

Classes in English and Hindi

Classes for Purusharth (effort making) from Dadis, elder Brothers and Sisters of Brahman family in both Hindi and in English. You will also able to download English Classes from . There are some selected most beneficial Classes on ‘Audio classes‘ section.. Om Shanti.

Brahma Kumaris English classes
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English Classes/lectures
Classes on YouTube
Audio Classes

Classes from elder Brother and Sisters of Yagya, for our double-foreigners Brahman family.. Purusharth with English classes

On YouTube channel, there is a Full Playlist for Classes. 100+ Classes available (Hindi-Eng mix)

Full Playlist of 120+ Classes. Classes from elders in Yagya. Do visit if you only need to listen the audio. (Hindi-English mix)

Want to contribute in doing Godly services? Visit Hands Contribution

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