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What is Murli?

Listen daily gyan murli here. Shiv baba’s Murli for today in Hindi and English. Plus get ‘Aaj ka Purusharth’ from Shiv baba and PMTV.

Murli is teachings speakings of Parampita ParamAtma (Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul) Shiv baba, his advice (Shrimat) and instructions for us children. This is knowledge of creation and the creator, spoken by the creator himself.. Murli is the source of divine wisdom, to attain a great fortune of happiness for many many births. Read more

Aaj ki Murli (Hindi)

Murli today in English

Advance Murlis (august)

Aaj Ka Purusharth (Hindi)

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Hindi Murli YouTube channel

Murli Chintan daily (Hindi)

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